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What to wear in New York City

Getting around like a New Yorker

Deciding what to wear in New York City is really about understanding the classic lines that flatter you and still adding your personal touch to it. An important fact is that you have to feel comfortable in your own clothes, and most importantly, you cannot look like a tourist.

You have to wear clothing that is simple, sophisticated, clean, and modern always looks chic in a cosmopolitan city.

New Yorkers, particularly downtown, don’t stress too much about fashion, thereby it simple means their clothing is very plain. It’s mainly all about the cut.

If you are planning to walk around all day, start with what shoes you are going to wear! Simple. White sneakers are totally on trend now, especially being worn with tailored clothes. On the other hand, if you want to walk around in a more polished look, any kind of low heel, platform slip-ons, or wedge will definitely work out.

If you are travelling to New York City in June, you will find warm weather, so make sure to pack clothes that have lightweight fabric. You can pack black pants, either a slim ankle crop or a fuller leg, more culotte style.

You can wear blousier or tunic tops. For example wearing a lace-up at the top, over the slim pants and more fitted styled tops over the fuller leg pants.

If you intend to wear jeans, they should be skinny and cropped, distressed with a rolled he, or the newest flare. To make you jeans more city chic, add a classic blazer. If the jacket you decided to wear compliments your slim pants, you have just created a polished pants outfit. Wearing heels with this outfit will immediately make this combo more ‘uptown.’

If on the other hand it’s very hot when visiting NYC, pack a breezy midi skirt that can be worn with a tank in the same colour to mimic a sundress, or you can dress up or dress down your look with some of your other blouses.

When packing your suitcase, make sure to leave some room for shopping! Shopping around Century 21 Department Store across from the World Trade Centre, you will find some of the best designer discount shops, which will require lots of space in your suitcase, especially if you are a shopaholic! 


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