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Cheapest time to travel to New York City

Getting around like a New Yorker

There is no best time to visit NYC. Offerings can be cheaper in winter, but it can be more budget-friendly in summer. Decide on you main focus before you choose a time to visit, and take it from there. Hotels in NYC get booked at a fast rate, regardless of the season. So if you want to get a good deal, get a room as early as possible.

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If you want free outdoor entertainment or better theatre discounts, make sure to visit in summer. During the summer, musical performances and concerts are offered for free by Lincoln Centre. Central Park organizes ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ for theatre aficionados. In summer, most Broadway shows have lots of seat which would be available, since locals either decide to leave town or spend more time roaming around outdoors. You can also find last-minute discount tickets at the TKTS booths throughout the city, which includes one near Times Square

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If you are hoping to get exemplary fine food deal, visit NYC in August. Restaurant Week, in which participating restaurants offer lunch and dinner at a fixed price is offered in August (exact dates vary from year to year). Example of popular restaurants on the 2012 list includes Le Cirque, Capital Grille and Café Boulud. Usually, dinner in the named restaurants cost more than $50.

Step 3

If you want better hotel deal, make sure to visit in winter. The best discounts exist between January and April due to the post-holiday lull – according to ‘The New York Times’ – make sure to take a look at a calendar of event so as to make sure that you are not visiting during a major convention, meeting, event or holiday, thereby increasing the hotel prices. For example, in February, Fashion Week and Valentine’s Day increases room rates.

Step 4

If you are looking for lower prices, skip the last few weeks of December. Plenty of attractions are offered by the holidays, hotel prices soar because of tourist who decide they want to spend Christmas and New Year’s in the Big Apple. During Thanksgiving week, it is also expensive to visit and in late spring or fall, when the number of visitors grows and the temperatures are pleasant.


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