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Secret places you did not know about in New York City

NYC Attractions

1. Brooklyn's secret subway exit

A seemingly realistic townhouse at 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn is really a subway exit. The windows are darkened which makes it stand out from the close by facades. Once you’re inside, you will find stairs and boxes. Strange huh? This building is used to ventilate the Brooklyn subway lines.

2. World Trade Centre Sphere

This sphere once stood in between the Twin Towers in the Financial District. Surprisingly enough, the sculpture was not destroyed in the 2011 terrorist attacks. It was however, moved to Battery Park and was inserted with an eternal flame to remember the victims of the attack.

3. Midtown East’s Greenacre Park

Here there is an actual waterfall in the midst of Manhattan. The beautiful mid-city escape is located at 217 East 51st Street. Grab a chair and enjoy the view. It is open to the public and is suitable for the whole family when visiting NYC.

4. Roosevelt Island Hospital

Once a smallpox hospital, this Roosevelt Island castle-like structure was built to keep smallpox victims away from the general public.

5. The East Village’s C-Squat

Squatters have taken over this building which is located at 155 Avenue C in the East Village. They have also modified it with skateboarding ramps together with stage space for punk shows.

6. Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill

This hill was named after a 1798 battle in Ireland. The Vinegar Hill area features homes built from the 1800s and earlier. A classic feel is given to the neighbourhood by the cobblestone streets.

7. Cobble Hill Tunnel

This is an abandoned tunnel in the Long Island Rail Road system which is considered as the oldest underground tunnel in the nation. Rumour has it that the tunnels were used by terrorist together with the transportations for early 19th century contraband namely whiskey.

8. High Bridge

This Bridge connects Manhattan New York and the Bronx. It is a beautiful bridge which has been unused since 1970 which leads to beautiful forests just on the outskirts of the city and is suitable to visit with the whole family.

9. Red Hook Grain Elevator

This abandoned refinery factory features huge silos for exploring and boasts and super amazing views of the city skyline, at the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

10. Elevator Museum

What?! Elevator Museum? You heard me

11. Staten Island’s Mount Loretto Beach

This beach consists of crazy rock formations all along.

12. Dead Horse Bay

The name here says it all. You may find dead animal remains. However, the real treasures lie in the old bottles that are washed up on the shore. This “beach” can be found on the Rockaway Inlet in Brooklyn. This Dead Horse Bay is an off the beaten path thing to do when visiting New York City. 

13. Astoria’s Steinway Piano Factory

The Steinway Piano Factory has been the home of some of the finest pianos around the world. You can enjoy a tour of the factory by the employees.

14. Green-Wood Cemetery

This cemetery in Brooklyn offers very old tombstones and incredible architecture.

15. Hell Gate Bridge

You can go inside of this bridge! You would have to start by the BQE where the tracks are very close to the ground on which you can walk on, then you walk only until you arrive at the bridge.

16. Clocktower

The Clocktower was built in 1898, the 5000-pound bronze structure is the largest in the city and is at present known as the Clocktower Gallery. It is actually pretty awesome to see how a clock works.

17. The Financial District’s Trinity Church

The Trinity Church cemetery is right across the street from the New York Stock Exchange. It is the home to some of the oldest tombstones in the city. The gorgeous architecture and historic value will make it well worth the downtown trip.


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