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Travelling to New York City with toddlers

Getting around like a New Yorker

Travelling to New York City with kids should not dishearten you at all, especially if you are travelling with toddlers, you might feel slightly discouraged. Well, you shouldn't! There are many opportunities for you are your family to enjoy, not forgetting sights and activities for your little one.

The following are some tips and tricks for travelling to New York City with little kids:

Getting around: Getting around New York City can seem to be a bit of a challenge. You can take a coach bus and once you are at your destination you can rely on the subway and the good-old heel toe express which you will be armed with a baby stroller together with a baby sling.

Besides walking and taking the subway you can hop onto the double decker bus which takes you around the city, with the option to hop-on or hop-off at various locations.

To those with strollers, the subway can be a challenge as New York City is not as accessible as Toronto, and only certain stations have elevators up to street level.

Must See Attractions: With more than 12 hours a day to fill of toddler time, some research should be done so as to adapt to the places you know your child will love. The following are examples:

  • Central park is a real magical and magnificent park which is filled with many New Yorkers together with many tourists. You can spend most mornings exploring the massive, 800 acre park. With a carousel, a zoo, a castle and many more, you could easily spend a week there with your child being fully entertained at all times. You can also pay $35 for a 15 minute ride around the park is definitely worth it!

  • Central Park Zoo is the perfect size zoo for a toddler, together with a pregnant mum. Plan to spend around 1-2 hours here with the animals with all the polar bear, sea lions, penguins and many others. Adults pay only $8 to get in which is considered to be a great deal. If you’re getting hungry, stop at the Rain Forest Café which is next door.

  • South Street Seaport: A 2-hour wait for the ferry to the Statue of Liberty is definitely not ideal when having a toddler around, so it is best if you hop onto the bus and head to the next top. The old commercial port for NYC is at present, a place to see a tall ship, chop together with some great boutiques if you intend to shop around in New York City. You can also enjoy a nice lunch while admiring the views of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a great place for kids, who will enjoy watching the water taxis, helicopters and all the goings-on of NYC.

  • Bryant Park: This is right beside the New York City Library. This park is very clean and is found in the middle of the city. It is the ideal park to enjoy yourself with your kid, have a break and grab a carousel ride for $2. This carousel is smaller than the one found at Central Park which makes it better for your little ones.

  • Children’s Museum of Manhattan: This consists of 5 floors of wonder! If it’s a rainy day, do not worry, as this is the place to be. It consists of activities for all ages, from Playworks, which is a thrilling space for kids under the age of five.


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