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Bronx Zoo

Things To Do in NYC

The Bronx Zoo opened in 1899. This is the biggest urban zoo in the United States. It is home to more than 4,000 creatures of 500 species, which live in reasonable representations of their common living spaces. The zoo is a pioneer in the propagation of imperiled species, for example, the Indian rhinoceros and the snow panther. Its 265 sections of land of woods, streams, and parklands incorporate, in season, a youngsters' zoo, the Butterfly Garden, the Wild Asia Monorail, and camel rides. Different attractions incorporate every day ocean lion feedings, primate preparing at the Monkey House, a stand-out bug merry go round, and a 4-D theater experience. If you are travelling to New York City, especially if it's your first time, the Bronx Zoo is definitely a place to visit. It is also suitable to visit if you're travelling to New York with the whole family including kids.

The Congo Gorilla Forest: This recompense winning imitation of a focal African rainforest is home to the biggest populace of Western Lowland gorillas in the US, and additionally a group of dwarf marmosets, the world's littlest monkeys.

African Plains: Wild dogs, zebras, lions, giraffes, and gazelles roam the African Plains. Predators and prey are separated by a moat.

Camel Rides: If you are travelling to New York City with children, they would enjoy such seasonal experiences as camel rides and other attractions found in the zoo.

JungleWorld:  A climate-controlled tropical rain forest harbors mammals, birds, and reptiles from South Asia. The animals are kept apart from visitors by ravines, streams and cliffs.

Baboon Reserve:  Visitors walk along a dry riverbed to see wildlife in an Ethiopian mountain habitat.

Wild Asia Monorail:  From May to October, the monorail journeys through forests and meadows, where rhinos, tigers, and Mongolian wild horses roam free.

Children's Zoo: Kids can crawl through a prairie dog tunnel, try on a turtle shell, and pet together with feed animals.

Tiger Mountain: Amur tigers are on view all year. Only one inch of glass separates visitors from these magnificent wild cats.


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