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Brooklyn's "Little Liberty"

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Although nobody would confound the parking garage behind the Brooklyn Museum for New York Harbor, it contains a Statue of Liberty: a 40-foo-tall sheet-metal reproduction, really, that once remained on the Liberty Warehouse on 64th Street and Broadway. 

The beneficiary of a Memorial Day makeover in 2007 "Little Liberty" is only the most recent expansion to the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden, a verdant haven for structural adornments safeguarded from New York structures since a long time ago devastated or redesigned. 

The driving force for the greenery enclosure was the runaway improvement that tormented the city in the 1960s. "All this wonderful architecture was coming down with no thought to preservation," says curator Kevin Stayton. "The demolition of the first Penn Station was devastating. But it brought people to their senses."

Night, a Beaux Arts help of a winged female figure rescued from that destruction, was one of the main things conveyed to this island of lost souls, which additionally incorporates a gigantic zinc lion that once protected Coney Island's Steeplechase Park. "They're an impression of a period when craftsmanship was loved," says head preservationist Lisa Bruno. "these pieces were high quality by outsiders who were actually constructing this nation."

Thereby, if you are visiting New York City for the first time, and you might not get a chance to visit the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbour, make sure to at least visit the "Little Liberty" in a parking lot in Brooklyn.


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