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Things To Do in NYC

Delight out with a steam "n" soak at these late-opening Korean spas.

Aura Wellness Spa

The most energizing late expansion to the New York City spa scene, this to a great degree smooth, cutting edge territory feels more suited to Mars that its Herald Square environment. Medicines incorporate a turn in the grottoes: igloo-like, precious stone studded steam rooms that shine from inside a contribute dark room the focal point of the spa. Taking after Korean-spa custom, the spot offers madly careful body scours.


An unassuming Koreatown building is home to this tremendous, soundproof, 24-hour desert spring. Modest ladies observe: nudity is supported in the common territory, full body scours are executed in shared, scarcely screened-off spaces, and the spa goes unisex after 7:30pm. The offices are amazing, however: lolling in one of the igloo-like saunas, produced using 20 tons of jade stones and imbued with Chinese herbs, is said to expand the metabolic rate, to enhance the flow and to detox the body. An essential Purification Program costs $155.

Perfect Spa

Not in Koreatown, but rather similarly well known with steam-and-back rub enthusiasts, this one-prevent salon offers everything from pedicures to waxing in its ornament free treatment rooms. The fundamental fascination is the super-careful trad cleanser body scour, which commences with a dousing from the Vichy shower and expenses from $80 for 40 minutes or $145 for 70 minutes with a full-body hot apricot oil rub.

If you are visiting New York City, and you are searching for some relaxation and body scrubs, then the above spas are definitely something to do when visiting the city.


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