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Candy shopping in NYC

Getting around like a New Yorker

If you are travelling to New York City, with your family, and you are a candy lover, then the following places are definitely places to visit especially if you have kids, as they will go crazy and it might eventually lead to a sugar rush.

Aji Ichiban

In the event that you are searching for whimsical treat, attempt this Hong Kong nibble minichain - as there are five stations in Manhattan New York - which charges itself as a "Munchies Paradise". A few things will disillusion sweet-tooth longings, yet audacious treat significant others will welcome a break from the smaller than expected Musketeer territory while examining well known Thai coconut-milk confection and flavorful lychee chewy candies.

Dylan's Candy Bar

This crazy, three-story, 5,500-square-foot sugar emporium is a risk zone for the ADD-beset. Opened by Dylan Lauren, and it has towering overwhelming lollies, vintage treat ads on a consistent video circle, a frozen yogurt bar, a M&M bar, and an 11-foot-tall chocolate bunny statue. Be careful a sugar aftereffect at the register: Bulk Candy runs $10.99 per pound

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Economy Candy

Strolling into this LES shop, family-keep running since its opening in 1937, resemble entering a period twist. The store is stacked, almost to the roof, with outdated top choices like Abba-Zaba, Lemonheads and Mary Janes. Besides, satisfies its name, underselling each treat station in the city with the exception of perhaps Costco.

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Hershey's Times Square

On the off chance that exemplary chocolate is your thing, head over to this paean to the most middlebrow of American confections. While packs of small scale Mounds cost significantly more here than at Duane Reade and you will need to evade a couple of pokey sightseers, where else would you be able to purchase containers of Milk Duds and Whoppers, and each sort of Hershey's Kiss known to man.

The Sweet Life

Those overpowered by the size and choice at Dylan's and Economy will appreciate the Euro-feel of this comfortable store, which opened 26 years prior and is presently keep running by a brother and-sister team. Serge Gainsbourg serenades from the speakers as you examine a humble yet modern arrangement of Italian "Glitterati" treat, salty Dutch Licorice, and a flat out rainbow of licorice sticks in flavors like green apple and watermelon.

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