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You Get What You Pay For...

New York City has a virtual plethora (we don’t know what that word means, but we like how it sounds) of hotels and motels in every price range. The adage and caveat that “You get what you pay for” must be observed, though. 

Generally speaking, hotels in the popular Theatre District are somewhat more expensive than, say, a local John’s Notell Motel in another part of the US. Consider however that a Sheraton, Marriott or Hilton in midtown Manhattan is going to be within walking distance of the best live entertainment in the world (Broadway), the best shopping avenue in the country (5th Avenue), the most famous park in the world (Central Park), the most famous skyscraper in the world (Empire State Building), the largest department store in the world (Macy’s) and the 24-hour neon glamour of Times Square.


So can you get a cheap hotel room in New York? Sure. Just beware. There are several factors that determine why a hotel room is cheap:

  • Location. If you want to be in the middle of all that New York City has to offer, your cheap hotel room probably won’t put you there. Instead you’ll be spending money on taxis, parking and tunnel or bridge tolls. Wouldn’t you rather have a conveniently-located hotel so you can get an early start and a late night – with a place to relax in between?

  • Features and amenities. Don’t need your own private bathroom? Don’t need a doorman or security guard to make sure your temporary residence is off-limits to intruders? Don’t need someone to ask directions or get you a taxi? Don’t need heat or air conditioning? Don’t need a wake up call? Don’t need a quick cup of coffee or tea in the morning? Aha! C’mon, live it up. Spring for the private bathroom. Feel safe and secure when you finally turn in at night. Treat yourself to a good hotel. You deserve it.

  • Age and cleanliness. These two factors don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but they’re both important. When was the hotel last remodeled? Shag carpeting is a giveaway.



“But really,” you might ask, “how much time will I spend in the room anyway?”
“Well,” we might answer, “at least a third of your vacation!”

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