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Shopping in New York City

Things To Do in NYC

When it comes to shopping in New York City, your options are all but endless. In NYC you will find many of the best department stores in the world, namely Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s NYC and also limitless Fifth Avenue boutique shops, such as A.Testoni, the quality leather goods store.

You will also find classical NYC speciality shops like Saks Fifth Avenue, fun open air markets like the Green Flea Market are also found, and finally for the kids, famous NYC toy stores like FAO Schwarz are definitely a go to!

2 Famous Stores in New York City

Bloomingdale's:  This is one of the most famous department stores in NYC. It is home to dozens of designer clothes and accessories which you can only find in New York City. Bloomingdale’s is found in the chick Upper East Side of Manhattan, taking up an entire block of real estate. Here is without any doubt the best place to begin shopping in New York City.

Bloomingdale’s store are known for their immense inventory of the latest designer fashions in NYC, as well as the ‘little brown bag’ which is the trademark of this department store. Bloomingdale’s NYC features clothes and accessories for everyone in the family, together with toys, kitchenware amongst others.

Macy'sFound in the midst of bustling Herald Square in NYC, sits an icon Macy’s NYC. The world’s largest Macy’s store is the premier name is not only today’s shopping world but in shopping history. Macy’s started out in 1858 as dried-goods which have supplied the American people so often that the store itself is a part of the culture, mainly in New York City. In Macy’s there’s something for everyone, whether it’s riding the original wooden escalators, shopping at exclusive NYC stores or eating NYC food at the restaurants found inside.

The top destinations for shopping in New York City

SohoIt’s by far one of the best shopping neighbourhoods in NYC. It has a unique vibe that no other part of Manhattan can compare to. Soho specializes in stores with big names such as J.Crew, Bloomingdale’s Pottery Barn, H&M, Prada amongst many others. From Broadway to Sixth Avenue, you can find all these stores. So many tourists end up here whether they intend to shop or not. Before you begin shopping, or maybe when you are done, you can enjoy some of the top New York City attractions, perhaps a Broadway show or a delicious meal.

NolitaThis neighbourhood gives Soho a good run for its money, competing to be the best shopping neighbourhood in NYC. If you are travelling to New York City on a shoestring budget you definitely don’t want to come here! Many of the boutiques here carry clothes from all over the world. If you come to shop in Nolita, expect high fashions, high prices and all the best accessories you can imagine.

Lower Manhattan & The Financial DistrictHere, you will recognize most of the stores, but they are generally much larger and the food court is much better than the one you have at your local mall. The neighbourhood also contains some of New York’s finest history and amazing harbour views to enjoy while you shop.

Union Square/Flatiron District: This is considered to be one of the hottest hangout in Manhattan which combines shopping with some of the best restaurants in NYC and cafes. Here, you will find everything, from Barnes & Noble to the farmers market. Union square is the perfect place to spend your afternoon. Grab lunch, shop around and you can end your fay at a nice bar or fancy club.

Lower East Side Manhattan: The deals here are not as great as they used to be in this neighbourhood, but it is still possible to find all the latest bags, shoes, travel essentials and more at a great price. More trendy boutiques are arriving to the scene, which specializes in the latest fashions that appeal to young travellers in their 20s, as well as unique knick knacks you never imagined would exist.

Greenwich Village: If you are not intending to shop for clothes, head to Greenwich to spend the day shopping for all other fine things which the city has to offer. Throughout this neighbourhood, you will find crafts, bookstores, record stores and gourmet markets. Make sure to check all the boutique food shops on Bleecker Street, or to find all the other boutique fashion stores, continue past Christopher Street.

Chinatown This place is a place that people either live for, or avoid at all cost. You can easily negotiate something at a great price for your knockoff handbags and t-shirts, but don’t expect anything to be real in this neighbourhood. If you are looking to buy souvenirs to take home with you, this would be a great place to buy little gifts for other people, or just strolling around and people watch.


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