Visiting New York City on a shoestring budget new york, travel to new york Visiting New York City on a shoestring budget new york, travel to new york Visiting New York City on a shoestring budget new york, travel to new york

Visiting New York City on a shoestring budget

Things To Do in NYC

New York City is a pretty expensive city, both to live in and also to visit as a tourist. But is does not have to be that way! There are many alternatives to save money when visiting NYC. Following are some tips for taking in the best that this city has to offer without compromising your wallet. Many awesome things in New York City happen to be free and affordable for any type of budget.

Finding Discounts Before you arrive

Purchasing a tourist pass is one of the most popular ways to save money on your visit to New York City. Tourist passes offer free entries together with discounted entries to dozens of tourist destinations, namely the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, together with organized tours. However, the passes cannot be bought by everyone as it depends on what you are planning to see in NYC and how long you will be staying.

Before paying full price for anything, make sure to take a look at some of the discounted sights such as Groupon and Living Social, together with Amazon Local and TravelZoo for discounts. Many travelling companies offer immense discounts especially on Broadway shows, sightseeing tours, dinners, flights and hotels which depend greatly on the season you are visiting in and the capacity of the place. 

Travelling to, from and around New York City

As stated previously, make sure to have a look at discount websites for flight deals to and from New York City. Arguably, the most important money saving thing you could do is take advantage of one of the world’s most extensive and cheap mass transit systems.

Free and Pay-What-You-Wish Museums and Other Attractions 

This is another fantastic way to visit New York on a shoestring budget. NYC is filled with museums, many of which offer suggested donations meaning that it’s only a suggestion. Some museums offer free days or nights while others are free all together. 

Save money on sightseeing tours

Guide to Eating, Drinking and Nightlife in New York on a Budget 

New York City has amazing food which does not have to come at a great expense. In fact, much of the food that NYC is known for is surprisingly cheap. As mentioned above, make sure to have a look at Groupon and Living Social for restaurant deals. Check also if you will be visiting New York City during Restaurant week. A new concept in NYC is having a meal at a locals’ apartment. Websites such as allow travellers to find New Yorkers’ and have lunch or dinner at their homes. It’s an awesome way to meet locals and make new friends, without having to go to expensive restaurants.

Save Money on Accommodations in the Big Apple

You might think that finding cheap hotels in New York City can be challenging. Believe it or not, it is possible to find great New York Budget hotels which are as low as $80 per night for a clean and comfortable hotel room. 

Click here and search for any hotel you wish to stay in while visiting New York City at a reasonable price.

Discount Broadway Tickets and Shows

If you wish to take in a Broadway show or any theatre in the Big Apple, then this may be one of the biggest areas where you could save. One of the most popular thing that tourists do is visit the discount ticket booths throughout NYC. If you are considering purchasing the tourist discount pass, the New York Pass entitles you to up to 10% on Broadway shows.

Finding Deals on Clothing in New York City

New York City is a top world destination for shopaholics. It is very easy to spend all your travel money on top shelf designer clothes. Shopping can however, be both fun and affordable. Make sure to schedule some time at one of the area’s three main premium clothing outlets. The most famous being Woodbury Commons, but there are other two outlets that are relatively just as good. 


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