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Brooklyn Museum

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At the point when the Brooklyn Museum opened, in 1897, the building was intended to be the biggest social structure on the planet. This was the best accomplishment of New York ​ planners McKim, Mead and White. Despite the fact that stand out 6th finished, the historical center is today a standout amongst the most great social organizations in the United States, with a changeless encyclopedic collection of somebody million articles, which are housed in a fantastic structure of 560,000 sq ft.

Gallery Guide

The gathering is on five stories, with African and New World workmanship on the primary; prints drawings, and Asian craftsmanship on the second; Egyptian, Classical, and European painting and model on the third; beautiful craftsmanship on the fourth; and American workmanship on the fifth. There is exceptional presentation space on the first and fourth floors.  If you are visiting New York City and art is one of your major hobbies, then the Brooklyn Museum is definitely somewhere to go when visiting New York City

Chinese Jar: Cobalt blue fishes and water plants adorn this 14th-century Yuan dynasty blue-and-white ceramic jar.

Beaded Crown: This 19th- century crown from Nigeria is the ultimate symbol of Yoruba kingship.

Female Figurine: This 5,000-year-old rare statuette is a highlight of the museum's impressive Egyptian collection. 

An Out of Doors Study:  Sargent's portrait of French artist Paul Helleu and his wife Alice was painted during the couple's visit to the Sargent family at Fladbury. 

Winter Scene in Brooklyn: Francis Guy's depiction of downtown Brooklyn is from the American Identities Collection

The Dinner Party:  This is the centrepiece of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Centre for Feminist Art.

Ibis Coffin:  The sacred bird of ancient Egypt merited a splendid coffin of gold leaf and silver. 

Alexander the Great: The military leader was portrayed in alabaster in the 1st century BC.


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