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Golfing in New York City

Things To Do in NYC

Golf in this city is not constrained to dispatching balls off your apartment rooftop. There are a lot of awesome open courses adjacent, the greater part of which take around five hours to play 18 holes and cost somewhat over $50. The following are a couple of the favourite golf courses.

Clearview Golf Course

With epic, Saharan dugouts and awesome landscape, Clearview is famous. It is a smart thought to secure tee times a couple of weeks ahead of time.

Douglaston Golf Course

On account of seven standard 3s, this venue takes into account those with Furyk-esque short-press accuracy.

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Dyker Beach

Tiger Woods' late father, Earl Woods, found golf at Dyker Beach while positioned at Fort Hamilton. What's more, it's only a 15-minute stroll from the metro.

Kissena Park Golf Course

The short and misleadingly difficult design offers a decent perspective of Manhattan New York. It was composed by John Van Kleek, the same man of his word who formed the course at Split Rock.

La Tourette Golf Course

Most likely the best open course around the local area. There is huge hold up time, however quality has its cost.

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Marine Park

It is the longest course in New York City and conditions here have enhanced particularly in recent years.

Mosholu Golf Course

Mosholu's a nine-opening course with twofold tees for a full round. There are heaps of trees and only a bit of water. Diversions are a fast of 2.5 hours.

Pelham Bay & Split Rock

Pelham Bay has moving, open fairways and very little water. Opening #9 is prominent for its heap dugouts. Part Rock, then again, is a progression of testing, Scottish-style openings that crescendo with a soul pulverizing back nine. Mind the mosquitos.

Silver Lake Golf Course

It is more tightly than your gin-splashed uncle. You know - the one with the fierce, unstable temper. Arriving includes an ocean crossing, yet the interfacing transport is really advantageous.

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South Shore Golf Club

To reword Mike Tyson, its style is rash and its protection is invulnerable. What's more, it is in fabulous condition. You will have a 40-minute transport ride from the ferry, however.

Van Cortlandt Park

The most seasoned open US course, Van Cortlandt was imagined before ladies could vote in America. There are regularly swarms and long strolls between gaps, so permit 5.5 hours.

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Golfing in New York City is definitely something to do, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time.


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