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NYC Meat lovers

Getting around like a New Yorker

At Hill Country, a grill eatery in Chelsea, three noteworthy pits bathe several pounds of meat in the smoke of seething Texas post oak. It is the place dead pigs, cows and fowl come in the event that they are good fortune - a carnivore's paradise.

A pit is the most purified spot for barbecuers, who are famously regional with regards to their art. Furthermore, with almost twelve NYC low-and-moderate joints having opened in the last couple of years, a superior time couldn't be found to see precisely how they cut it.

Hill Country, with its accentuation on beef and dry rubs and a repugnance for sticky sauces, stays as consistent with its Texan roots as a NYC restaurant can. A burger joint entering the cafeteria-style eatery would do best to arrange the zesty pork hotdog joins, made by Texan grill mecca Kreuz Market, and the great clammy brisket. 

Pit expert Kenny Callaghan of Blue Smoke likewise wells with the Texan style, treating his chewy hamburger ribs to a salt-and-pepper rub and smoking then over hickory for near seven hours. 

Brisket gets a non-texan however delightful, treatment at R.U.B BBQ where blazed closes - the 16-hour smoked end bits of brisket. 

Back at Hill Country, the culinary specialist is equipped with a white coat with snaps, a white cook's garment and a boundless supply of vinyl gloves. In the front pocket went the pit specialist's crucial apparatuses, among them a dark Sharpie and a meat thermometer.

If you are visiting New York City, especially if it is your first time and you are a passionate meat lover, then enjoying the barbecue in town is definitely something to do in New York City.


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